bWaveTM provides a Universal Internet of Things (IoT) Hub that connects and supports wireless technologies under one platform for residential industrial and commercial applications around the world. The hub has functions and features that are customisable according to specific project development needs and requirements.


The Easiest Way To Connect All Your Devices

Monitor and Control

Track, manage and operate all your devices on a single app


Both the bWave hub and app is intuitive and easy-to-use. The perfect companion for senior citizens with low mobility.

Optimized Energy Consumption

The app actively helps you conserve energy on your devices and appliances, creating the ideal living environment without impacting your electricity bill.

Introducing bWave IoT end-to-end solutions

One App For All Your Smart Devices

This creates a tech platform with solutions for smart homes, hotels, healthcare facilities and enterprises worldwide.

The bWave universal hub was created to redefine smart living. It provides an open platform solution that encompasses the fundamental architecture of any IoT solution, such as:

  • end devices
  • IoT gateway
  • internet connectivity
  • IoT cloud platform & dashboard

Specifically Made For

Corporate Entities

Compatible, reliable, and sustainable. bWave helps you meet business objectives via increased automation, easier management and reduced energy consumption.

Hotel & Lodging

Allow guests to easily control climate and lighting via an app. Monitor and manage automated services. The possibilities are endless, be it for a reknown hotel chain or the average AirBnB.

Elderly and Senior Care Services

Offer more care and functionalities to the elderly in your assisted living facility. Allow guest to remotely monitor loved ones and reduce manual labour with automation.

Proptech – Smart City


Assisted Living