Frequently Asked Questions

What is bWave?

bWave is a smart home system which provides a universal solution that promotes convergence by bringing multiple functions like automation, intercom, surveillance, security, automation, energy management, and climate control into a single interface, all controlled through digital voice assistance and App.

How does bWave work?

bWave comes with a Smart Universal IoT Hub. It works using a Wi-Fi signal and is able to communicate with many other wireless devices that function through different wireless protocols.

Where is bWave from?

bWave smart home system is made in Malaysia and all other devices that integrate with it come from different parts of the world.

What is unique about bWave smart home solutions?

bWave architecture allows it to support any existing standards (Zigbee, ZWave, En Ocean, Insteon) and upcoming standards (Google’s Brillo, Apple’s HomeKit, Samsung’s Tizen, etc) via their respective USB dongles (sticks).

Do I need to do any wiring or wall hacking?

No, bWave is a plug and play system. Do ensure though that there is sufficient power sockets to power the wireless devices.

Who will install the bWave system for me and how long would the installation take?

Authorized bWave Xperts will perform the installation. A minimum of 2 hours is required for basic set-up and activation. This time frame may vary depending on the number of wireless devices which are required to be installed and the complexity of the type of installation.

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty is effective from the date of Vacant Possession (VP). An additional 90 days extended warranty is provided for free. Total warranty provided is 12+3 months.

What happens when there is no internet?

The system will operate as usual within your home and once the internet connection is restored, you may operate the system from outside of your house or vicinity.

What are the brand(s) of end devices or sensors supported by bWave?

The compatibility is based on the technology used in the end devices rather than the brand. The end devices must be a certified by Zigbee, ZWave or EnOcean technology. Alternatively, devices by WeMo, Philips Hue, Orvibo and etc. will be compatible

Does bWave work with all devices?

bWave works with other devices only if they are IoT devices (based on global standards and certified). There are many Zigbee/BLE devices from China which are not certified by Zigbee Alliance or Bluetooth.

Can I buy my own devices and connect them to the bWave system?

It is not advisable. We recommend that all devices be pre-ordered from us. All requests for add-on services can be made to in order for you to fully enjoy our exclusive 12 months warranty and other benefits solely for bWave users.

Do I have to make my whole house smart?

No. Our smart home system is fully scalable and you can add whatever extra devices you want or need.

When should I contact for installation (WNSS)?

You may contact us once:

  1. Your home internet is available.
  2. Home appliances such as Air conditioner, TV, etc. have been installed.

Contact us at or Headquarters 03-8998 2111 / Whatsapp bWave Customer Care +60 11-5645 6580.

Can we integrate bWave with any preferred devices by clients (e.g. Samsung door lock, LG Smart fridge and Smart Vacuum Cleaners)?

Yes, provided the open API is available and is provided by the device manufacturers (Samsung, LG, etc.). They are subjected to API integration & test fees and this can be waived if clients are able to commit to bulk orders.

Smart Things is doing pretty well in the US market and has been bought by Samsung. How great is bWave compared to SmartThings.

Smart Things and other similar products in US/Europe have features that are meant only for their respective markets. For example most of these products do not have a battery to power up the gateway during a power failure. The gateways are totally dependent on internet connection as they hardly face power and internet outages. Hence, during a power failure the entire smart home operation will be disrupted. bWave is localized for Malaysian/Asian market needs. It supports 3G/4G SIM card support (via dongle) even for areas/regions without ADSL/HSBB/landline internet services.”

Is bWave a DIY system?

bWave is ideally a DIY system. Authorized resellers and trained installers will be available for consumer markets which require supply and installation approaches. We call them the bWave Xperts as they will provide support for our Wireless Networking set-up & services (WNSS) (installation service). As a subscriber (optional) there will be no worries as 24/7 services (call or on-site) will be provided for any assistance, product replacements, add-on devices and etc.

Is bWave only applicable for homes? Do you integrate for CMS, Building Management or Smart Cities?

Most functions such as security, automation, energy management and surveillance are applicable to many IoT market verticals. It can range from smart hotel rooms, connected healthcare facilities and even commercial offices. However, bWave is not suitable for large factories.

bWave for Homes and Offices can be also integrated as part of Smart City initiatives with their respective Residential or Commercial Security centers for emergency response. This is done through a back-end wireless area network (WAN) by the management/ developer/ telecommunication vendors.

What happens during power failure?

bWave has a LiPol 2000mAh battery which can last up to 7 hours. The system will notify users when AC power fails and is restored.

What happens when my Internet is down?

bWave has a SD card and USB for storage up to 128 GB. All the system’s settings are stored here and this will ensure the system operates as usual. Once the Internet connection is restored, all events will be then exported to the bWave Cloud Management platform.

How often do I need to change the batteries on the sensor devices? Are they commonly available?

Most of the batteries should last between 12 months to 18 months. They are either AAA or CR2302 (coin batteries). bWave will alert the users when a particular device’s battery is low.

I’m staying in a rented home now. Can I unplug the entire system and bring it with me to my new home?

Certainly. All the sensors can be reused in your new home. It is an ideal system both for new properties and retrofit market segments. In fact, we have college students who have installed bWave in their apartments with ease.

We would like to have a basic system for our high-rise condo for when we are around and also away at work. What do you suggest?

We would suggest our bWave Starter Kit. It comes with :-

bWave Starter Kit Purpose/Use Case
bWave IoT Hub
Main Door Sensor Monitor Home Entry/Exit Door
Google Home Voice Digital Assistant
Wi-Fi camera Monitor you domestic or Monitor you Baby
Universal IR+ Wi-Fi Remote Automate AC (Comfort and Energy Management)
Bluetooth Tag Monitor Child, Precious assets, etc.
Smart Plug Remote on/off electrical appliances like Electrical Iron

What are the other Value Added Services offered to Real Estate Developers and Hotel owners?

bWave Connected Home and bWave Hospitality Solution can be customized with the branding and identity of our clients. It allows integration into their own apps and back end systems. We provide dedicated onboarding services to facilitate seamless integration. The packages and IoT services offered are scalable as per the commercial requirements and can be retrofitted in any premises. It provides a quick implementation of innovative services for their purchasers and hotel guests.

What is the value to end users in choosing bWave compared to other bigger consumer electronic/ home appliances brands (Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, etc.) who own smart home solutions too

Consumer electronics (CE) giants like Samsung, Sharp, GE, etc. will market the gateway and the end devices (e.g. IP cameras) under their own brand. We don’t think Samsung would prefer anyone using Panasonic & Sony cameras with their Hub. This will prohibit end users from choosing any IP Cameras according to their budget or even integrating with their existing devices. bWave gives flexibility to users to choose any compatible devices from any brands according to their budget and needs as long as they are based on certified technologies/standards.

Why does Air-Conditioner integration seem complicated?

This is because AC is built without Wi-Fi, RF or BLE support. It is still a legacy appliance (despite many manufacturers calling them “Smart”) which works only on IR. Every AC has its own IR codes for ON, OFF, Temperature up/down (16C-26C), speed up/down (3speed-5speed). So we would have to learn around 20 codes for each model. It is the same challenge faced by all smart homes integrators, not just us. Wi-Fi Air Conditioners are expected to be made available in the market from 2018 onwards.

How will you provide technical support for buyers?

All bWave systems deployed globally will be connected in real time to our, or our partners’ Cloud Managed Platform. We support TR-069 for remote diagnostic and will manage all system diagnosis, troubleshooting, and program updating and managed services remotely over Cloud.

Is bWave produced in your own factory?

No. All manufacturer related services are done by our contact manufacturer. The same is done by big companies such as Apple, which are produced by their contract manufacturer. We will handle the programming and ensure the quality is maintained. As a principle our core operation will be increasing the number of devices /technologies supported, expanding cloud services and improving user experience.

How long would it take to install bWave in a home or hotel room?

This is very subjective and requires site evaluation. For example an installation of motorized curtain control needs 3-4hours and a digital door lock needs 1-2hrs. But bWave Starter Kit needs 1-2hour max with installation, activation and user training

What is the specification regarding the router that I need to buy for my newly purchased bWave system? Is it very complicated to link them up? It is our new home and we need Wi-Fi quickly.

bWave is already built-in with an internet router! It supports 802.11 b/g/n. You don’t need to buy external routers. We just saved you USD 50 from buying a new router. Just get a 4G/3G stick from your local Telco, plug it to bWave and you will be enjoying bWave solutions and Home Wi-Fi for Internet browsing the next moment. Alternatively, you may still use any of the existing Wi-Fi routers and connect them to bWave via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.