Post-Development Stage Services

We’ll never leave you hanging.

We believe in the power of excellent customer service and the secret to our lasting partnerships lies in the after-sales experience. During this stage, we’ll assist with your marketing campaigns by consulting you on the best approaches to highlight your unique development to prospective buyers/tenants.

We’ll lend a hand with the construction and designing of interactive event booths during exhibitions and build the hype over your show units to further impress visitors.

1. Continuity in Business Deals
  • We will ensure that our business relationship is maintained at its best to foster a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship.
2. Support For Marketing Campaigns
  • We are ready to assist in your marketing campaigns to ensure all collaterals and staff have sufficient product knowledge.
3. Additional Solutions
  • We will also take charge of the design and construction of exhibition booths if needed so you have less to worry about.

We value our clients and emphasis on building long-term partnerships.

Feel free to contact us for marketing consultancy. Together we can ensure your marketing strategy and campaigns correlate with the projects we have collaborated on.

  • Digital Content for Social Media Ads
  • White Background Product Photoshoot & 3D Product Video Rendering
  • Marketing Video Shoot
  • Custom experience with local talent
  • Promotional Video Shoot
  • Influencer/KOL Management
  • Show Unit with Smart Experience Tour
  • PR Media Kit & Collaborative NDA
  • Custom Portable Display Shelf
  • Custom VP Handover
  • Packaging Design with Client Logo
  • Gift Voucher options
  • Sales Assistance – Pop up Parties, Event & Launches
  • Pop-up booths
  • Man-power/ bWave Xperts Team
  • IoT Specialist Presenter
  • Exhibition support
  • 3rd Party App Integration
  • Customer Technical Support
  • Promotional Content
  • Consultation
  • Bunting
  • Banner
  • Billboards


Set up a show unit or property gallery so that prospective buyers can experience the unit in person. We’ll set-up the show units with the smart-home solutions to showcase automation features in real-time.

Booths at exhibitions will even have interactive displays to showcase how a township or a unit works with the bWave universal hub. Our Xpert will also be there with you to assist your team in explaining and providing any technical explanations to visitors.

  • OEM Dashboard
  • Multi-property Dashboard Sales person Assist
  • Energy Saving Monitoring
  • Surveillance Monitoring
  • Plug & Play
  • Smart Device Security Anti-theft option
  • Labelling & Interactive Display
  • Rental Option

Maintenance & Support

Going above and beyond, bWave will be here to provide periodical maintenance and support services whenever to ensure all the devices are in peak condition throughout their lifetime.

We’ll also host workshops and training support so that your staff can get a hands-on approach to understand the hardware and software better, making it easier to sell the properties with sufficient product knowledge.

Rest assured, after-sales services such as repairs, maintenance, hardware upgrades and software updates will always be made available.

Revolutionary Home Automation Solutions Coupled With Excellent After Sales

Our focus lies on product design, integrated solutions, excellent after-sales support, and seamless user interaction for your projects.

Add On Value Services

  • Training programmes
  • Technical
  • Marketing Approach
  • On-call Installation
  • Rider Services
  • Regional Partner Support
  • Customer Consultation
  • Custom Hard Copy Manual/ Guide Book & Service Book